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Class 8 English 1st paper Seen Passages (8-9)

Class 8 English 1st paper Seen Passages (8-9)

Education, অষ্টম শ্রেণি, ক্লাস এইট ইংরেজি, মাধ্যমিক
Class 8 English Seen Passages 8-9 Class 8 English 1st paper Seen Passages Read the text and answer questions 1, 2 and 3. (Unit–5, Lesson–02) Shamima started to tell us her story. Listening to her, we were stunned and at the same time, our hearts were filled with admiration for her. It was 1995.  Shamima was 15 years old. She got promoted to class 8. Shamima had all the dreams of an adolescent. She wanted to bring about a change in her life. She wanted to see happiness in her family too. She knew she could fulfill her dream by completing her education and getting a good job. Fifteen-year-old Shamima's dreams were nipped in the bud. Her father wanted to marry her off against her will. Marrying off a girl under 18  is against the law in Bangladesh. Shamima did not want to get mar...

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