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Why water is dripping from kid’s eyes

Why water is dripping from kid’s eyes

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Many children have problems with watery eyes. Complications can be avoided with timely treatment if water is dripping from kid's eyes. Pediatricians said, we have to see how long it has been dripping water from the baby’s eyes. You need to see if there is clear water in the eyes or if there is water in the eyes when the baby is only crying. You also have to see if water is dripping with both eyes.   After the first two-three days of water dripping from the eyes of children, if there is dirt, then giving an antibiotic eye drop will be the solution.   In addition, the eyes and nose should be massaged a little. This problem usually goes away when the nose is not congested.   Doctors said that, if water comes to the baby during crying, then it is a norma...

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