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constipation home remedies and the causes of the problem

constipation home remedies and the causes of the problem

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In most cases, an unplanned diet or irregular eating, leads to constipation. However, in some cases the problem is genetic. Constipation can increase the risk of colon cancer if you do not take appropriate measures in time. Here we bring out some constipation home remedies by consulting some doctors. Due to constipation, the feces from the body cannot be excreted daily. It causes a serious discomfort and can leads to more harmful conditions. Let's find out the reasons behind the constipation.   Causes of constipation :   1) Drinking less water. That means, not drinking at least 2-3 liter of water daily. 2) Eating less of fiber or fiber, vegetables and fruits. 3) Eating excessive amounts of dairy foods like beef, cheese, butter, butter oil etc. 4) Not Exercisin...

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