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Herbs To Prevent Dandruff In Winter

Herbs To Prevent Dandruff In Winter

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The problem of dandruff increases when winter comes. Due to dandruff, hair loss, the roughness of hair, and various types of scalp infections also occur. There are some herbs to prevent dandruff that is safe and effective.   herbs to prevent dandruff: Coconut oil Massage coconut oil into your hair three days a week before going to bed. Look for pure coconut oil. Heat the oil lightly and massage it well. Shampoo in the morning. Apply two to three days a week.   Coconut milk Blend grated coconut with little water. Strain the juice. Once a week, mix this coconut milk with one tablespoon of lemon juice and apply it well from root to tip. Shampoo after 1 hour. Dandruff will be removed, hair roots will also be strong.   Onion juice It is also one of the important he...

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