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Musandam from Dubai

Musandam from Dubai

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Musandam from Dubai About two hours' drive away, and part of the neighboring country of Oman, the Musandam is not for those on a tight timeline. But a day or two spent on its east coast will draw gasps from even the most experienced traveler. While there's not a great deal to do in the area's main town of Khasab it acts as a springboard into the dramatic waterways known as the "Fjords of the Middle East." There's only one major hotel, the Golden Tulip, from which you can organize your early morning boat ride. The easiest way to reach Musandam is to rent a car and drive the 65 km north. Also, make sure that you have a visitor visa that allows you to reenter the UAE after your trip; check with the Dubai Department of Tourism before leaving the UAE.   দুবাই থেকে মুসানদাম দুবাই থেকে ...

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