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Remedies of Dust allergy in Winter

Remedies of Dust allergy in Winter

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Dust mites, tiny dust particles, or insects float in the dry winter air. Dust particles and these harmful germs enter the body with the breath. Therefore, the incidence of dust allergy increases. It can cause various problems including itching, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and difficulty breathing. Why Dust Allergy occurs and Remedies from Dust allergy in Winter If there is a pre-existing allergy problem in the family, the rest of the family members may also develop allergic problems. But it is not contagious. Young children, asthmatics, and pregnant women can have this type of allergy. Allergic reactions can also occur if grass or flower molecules enter the nose. Dust mites are more common in the humid and humid environments of the house which can cause allergy problems.  ...

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