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These 7 foods can cause hair loss

These 7 foods can cause hair loss

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These 7 foods can cause hair loss Sugar Sugar is very harmful for the body as well as hair. Refined sugars and carbohydrates can cause obesity, diabetes, and hair loss. To speed up the day by eliminating sugar from the food list. Instead of sugar, you can eat honey, dates, molasses, or palm corn.   Foods that increase blood sugar Avoid high glycemic index foods or foods that rapidly raise blood sugar. Such foods as refined flour, bread, sugar. These hormones can be uncontrolled. This can increase the amount of sugar in the blood and damage the hair fossils.   Alcohol A type of protein called keratin helps hair to grow. Drinking alcohol reduces this protein. As a result, the roots become weak and the hair falls out.   Diet soda Diet soda contain...

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