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Big game at Hwange National Park

Big game at Hwange National Park

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Hwange National Park is packed with big game and is famous for massive numbers of buffalo and -- in particular -- its elephant herds Rusty squats down and inspects the tracks, his rifle held in the crook of one arm. “This track is fresh,” he says, pointing to two lion prints. “I am sure that the lion is somewhere nearby. Stay quiet,” he cautions. Keeping down, I glance through the trees, expecting to catch a glimpse of the big cat. Rusty gets up cautiously and searches the ground nearby. “Looks like they are near, very near,” he says. Following our guide Rusty, we wait behind the bushes. At first sight, the area looks dead, however, upon closer look, we find some greenery, with clouds hovering over it. It was in early November and according to Rusty, the wet season starts here fr...

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