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Lip tips to make your lips look more attractive

Lip tips to make your lips look more attractive

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Here are some lip tips to make your lips look more attractive. Lip tips lip tips 1 : If the lips are a little thick, apply a light shade of lipstick. First, outline and shape the area around the lip with a lip liner. Then fill the rest with lipstick. tips 2 : Bright or dark shaded lipstick will work well on the lips if the lips are thin. You can also use lip-gloss. The lip-liner shade needs to be one shade lighter than the lipstick shade. tips 3 : To keep the lipstick on the lips for a long time and the lips are moisturized, apply a little powder on the lips before applying the lipstick. After applying lipstick, apply a little Vaseline on the lips. The lips will look light glossy. To get rid of chapped lips, mix lemon juice with a little milk cream and apply it for a while. ...

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