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The Most Beautiful Mosques in Asia

The Most Beautiful Mosques in Asia

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Discover the most beautiful mosques in Asia and Middle East that symbolise rich Islamic culture, architecutral beauty and grandeur that give a spectacular experience   Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Located in Abu Dhabi, this is one of The Most Beautiful Mosques in Asia and the largest mosques in the world. The architectural design of the mosque is a fusion of Arab, Persian, Mughal, and Moorish styles.   Al-Bukhary Mosque Located in Alor Setar in Malaysia, the has seven top-shaped blue domes and the main dome features intricate Arabesque motifs.   Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Located in Oman, the mosque has the second largest hand-woven carpet as the floor in the prayer hall area.   Ubudiah Mosque Located in Perak, it is repute...

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