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Home Remedies for piles problem

Home Remedies for piles problem

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Piles are basically a collection of swollen tissues and veins that develops in the anal area. It is also known as hemorrhoids. Piles can develop both inside and outside the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless but it causes rectal bleeding and external hemorrhoids can cause significant pain and swelling in the rectum. But, there are some Home Remedies for piles. Constipation and Piles Piles are more common in people with constipation. There may be other reasons also. People who have normal bowel movements are less likely to have it. Piles can generally be cured in a few weeks on their own, but it causes mild to severe discomfort. In most cases piles don't go away permanently, in fact,  it happens again and again. Usually, long-term treatment is required to get rid of the p...

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