Monday, June 17

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Tea that will prevent cancer and heart disease

Health and Lifestyle
Drinking green tea is very good for health. Green tea is rich in minerals and vitamins. Drinking it prevents cancer and heart disease. However, many of us do not know when to drink green tea. Green tea contains caffeine. So if you drink green tea before regular exercise, you can get more energy. Let's find out when drinking green tea is good for health. 1. Do not eat green tea on an empty stomach. It can cause liver damage due to the presence of catechins. 2. You can drink green tea for the first time of the day between 10 am and 11 am. And it is not right to drink too late at night. It is better to drink green tea from evening to 9 pm. 3. You can drink green tea a couple of hours before lunch or dinner. However, if you suffer from anemia, it is better not to drink green tea...

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