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Paithani sari of Maharasthra: Six yards of grace

Paithani sari of Maharasthra: Six yards of grace

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A glance at the history and making of Maharashtra's legendary Paithani sari and its various forms Gifting a Paithani sari as part of a girl’s wedding trousseau is customary in the region of Maharashtra, India. One of the richest saris in India and every Maharashtrian woman's priced possession, the Paithani sari though is quite humble in its roots. It originates from a quaint little town called Paithan in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, and is hand woven on ancient tapestry looms which are operated manually. The sari’s rich history, tradition and exquisite design has earned it international fame. History of Paithani Sari The paithani weave is an age-old art that dates back to the Satvahana era in 200 BC. It survived under successive rulers, including the Mughal emperors. It is believe...

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