Monday, June 17

Alia Bhat in Pink Saree designed by Manish Malhotra

Alia Bhatt, a true fashion maven, graced us with her presence in a stunning color-blocked Manish Malhotra sari.

alia bhat in pink saree

Alia Bhatt’s sari choices consistently breathe new life into fashion. For her most recent movie promotion, the illustrious actress donned a sensational sari that merged shades of pink and neon, expertly crafted by the iconic designer Manish Malhotra.

alia bhat in saree hot sexy

The color-blocking technique on the sari was nothing short of tantalizing, and Alia wore it with absolute grace, striking the perfect pose in this mesmerizing ensemble. The credit for this flawless look goes to the talented stylist Ami Patel. Alia opted for beautifully cascading side-parted curls that added an extra layer of allure to her appearance. To complete her look, she chose a pair of exquisite jhumkas that perfectly complemented her attire.

sexy alia bhat saree

When it comes to saris, Alia consistently radiates elegance, leaving us eagerly anticipating more of her stunning sari ensembles during her movie promotions.

hot alia bhat saree

Her hairstyle featured those captivating side-parted curls, a choice that harmonized flawlessly with the overall sari-inspired aesthetic.”

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