Monday, May 20

A Spiritual Theory of Everything in Physics

Physics is now more sophisticated than ever; so many laws and theories are in doubt, leaving scientists often baffled by pre-established norms and Nobel Prize-winning theories. A hundred years have passed, and we are still grappling with the quest for a unified theory. Many now argue that it cannot happen because gravity itself is not a form of energy, and there is no particle carrying gravity (Graviton is merely a concept used to illustrate the extremely small scale of space containing gravity).

So, what can we conceive without trillions of synapses firing? Although a trillion is a relatively small number when considering the vastness of the observable universe, there is no single answer. The answer to physics lies within the field itself; it cannot be fully realized, even partially. However, philosophically, we can ask questions, and there is no doubt regarding the validity of those questions because the universe is truly a soup of ambiguity, and almost any explanation can be attainable through some context.

For example, we once couldn’t comprehend black holes, but now they are proven entities. We now understand that time and space warp around a black hole. From the perspective of an observer inside the black hole, the space around it appears to be a loop, with no other space, light, or time visible. Such phenomena, while complex, are relatively simple in the context of the vastness of the universe. We can assign names and labels to phenomena we seek to understand or simplify, such as Quantum fluctuation, entanglement, Higgs fields, fine structure constant, and finally, strings (the building blocks of everything with a value).

Then, we attempted to understand emptiness, not just theoretically like an imaginary elephant, but actual empty spaces devoid of any form of activity. Now, we glimpse that this emptiness is not empty at all; it contains quantum fluctuations, a tension that is both a “thing” and “not a thing” simultaneously.

Putting aside all theories, what can we deduce from all this comprehensible and incomprehensible explanation? We can assert that the universe appears to be a ‘classical physics entity’ with a history of utterly bizarre eccentricity (Dark matter may be the residue of that peculiarity). Anything could happen, as we can posit that emptiness has the potential to generate infinity. For a particle like a photon, we can easily state that it has a wave function, a probabilistic location; yet, we can also assert that the photon has no ‘time’ and can exist in multiple spaces at a certain moment, thus creating the wave function and exhibiting a pattern in the double-slit experiment.

Time is nothing but an illusion. It will certainly pass for us, but not indefinitely. At some point, if we are ensnared by a black hole or an extreme entity, time may cease for us as well. The beginning and ending can be observed simultaneously then.

It is time to open a new chapter in physics, a philosophical one, where the beginning, ending, and formation of the vibrating, unsettling strings (particles) are all facets of a single phenomenon of ‘being’ something. There may not be just another dimension; there may be more than that, which we may eventually comprehend. How? I believe this ‘life’ phenomenon is the universe’s way of understanding itself, much like the evolution of Earth. Where there is light, there must be ‘something’ to perceive it.

The question is, ‘Why?’ If we turn to religion, the problems are resolved with one statement: we are not currently capable of understanding, at least not at this time. Perhaps there is more awaiting our study in the universe. Perhaps this process will one ‘day’ discover itself and simultaneously remain undiscovered. Perhaps the entire process of creation is an ongoing search for meaning and purpose, perpetually without a definitive conclusion.”

by by Faisal Abdullah

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