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Take Care of Cage Birds in Winter

In winter, like humans, birds are easily overcome by various diseases and germs. Take care of cage birds in winter to protect against these diseases.

take care of cage birds in winter
take care of cage birds in winter

Take Care of cage birds in winter

  • To take proper Care of cage birds in winter, keep the bird cage away from direct cold air. If birds are kept on the balcony, the balcony should be covered with polythene, tent cloth, or tarpaulin during the winter season. However, it is safe to bring the bird cage indoors except during the winter sun.
  • The temperature of the room in which the bird cage is kept should not fall below 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius. Keep the windows and doors of the house properly closed on very cold days or during cold spells.
  • Regularly place the bird cage in the sun for two to three hours so that one side of the cage is in the sun and the other side is in the shade. Light a 60-watt bulb outside the cage to keep warm if there is no sun or if it is too cold. But fire/coal cannot be used in any way. A bird’s respiratory system is very sensitive. They cannot tolerate smoke.
  • If you want to use a room heater in the birdhouse, make sure it is animal safe and keep the heater well away from the bird’s cage.
  • Be sure to cover the bird cage with a thick cloth or thin blanket during winter nights. But care should be taken to leave some space free for air movement.
  • Birds can be fed honey, ginger, basil leaves, mint leaves, and undiluted apple cider vinegar to prevent winter sickness. Besides, regular consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits increases the immunity of birds.
  • Consume tulsi solution three days every two weeks. Wash five-six basil leaves and boil them in a cup of boiling water for two minutes. Boil for one minute with one-eighth of a teaspoon of crushed ginger before draining. When it is cold, add one-fourth of a teaspoon of honey to this mixture and give the solution to the bird. The solution can be kept in the bird’s cage for up to six hours.
  • Increase the number of oilseeds like sesame, sunflower seeds, and a canary in winter bird food. Also, add some mustard seeds to the seed mix.
  • To protect them from other diseases and to take care of cage birds in winter, clean the birds’ cages, food bowls, and water bowls regularly and give them fresh water and food in clean bowls every day. It will protect against bacterial or fungal attacks.
  • In case of cold, feed the bird with basil leaf-soaked water, and raw mint leaves for five-seven days continuously.

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