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7 most famous brands of clothing, bag and perfume

Here is a list of the world’s most famous 7 brands of clothing. They also produce several other luxurious products including diamond necklaces and handbags. The brand includes Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, etc.

Louis Vuitton

It was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. First, they were famous for trunks and other leather goods. Currently, the owner of this company is the richest man in the world, Bernard Arnault. For clothing, jewelry, and other items, the brand is popular with celebrities like Sarah Jessica, and Angelina Jolie.


The price of Louis Vuitton dresses

The Kusama Pumpkin Jewel Bag louis vuitton
The Kusama Pumpkin Jewel Bag Louis Vuitton

1) The Kusama Pumpkin Jewel Bag costs $133,430. Created for Japanese artist Yao Kusama.

2) It is decorated with “Louis Vuitton Urban” recycled water bottles and chewing gum packets costing $150,000.


Christian Dior

It is a famous brand in France since 1946. It is popular with famous people like Jacqueline Kennedy, Charlize Theron, and Natalie Portman. It manufactures women’s as well as men’s and children’s wear.


The price of Christian Dior

christian dior dress

1) Nicole wore a “Couture Châtres” gown that cost around $2 million in 1997.

2) Elizabeth Taylor bought this brand’s evening gown and matching bag in 2011. The price of which was 3,62,500 dollars.



One of the world’s most expensive brands was founded in Italy in 1978. This brand created a different type of clothing with metallic mesh. Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, and Princess Diana have worn this brand. After the founder’s death, his sister is managing the brand.


The price of Versace products

The Greca One Shoulder Dress
The Greca One-Shoulder Dress

1) The Greca One Shoulder Dress costs $4,495.

2) Elizabeth Taylor owns their unique glass embroidery dress sold in 2011 for $128,500



In 1909, the French brand was founded by Grabiel “Coco” Chanel. The brand is famous for woolen suits, perfumes, and leather bags.


Price of Chanel Products

diamond bag chanel
diamond bag Chanel

1) Their most expensive item is the diamond bag which costs more than $2000.

2) Their diamond bag with 334 diamonds and 18-karat gold costs around $261,000.



The Italian fashion house was founded in Milan in 1931. Now it is managed and controlled by Miuccia Prada. The brand is known for its aesthetic work. Prada’s leather goods are quite famous.


The price of Prada cloths

ostrich leather bag
ostrich leather bag

1) Their ostrich leather bag price is 10200 dollars.

2) Their Papaya Habo bag costs $8600.


Yves Saint Laurent

In 1961, Yves Saint Laurent was founded by his partner Pierre Bergé.


The price of Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint perfume
Yves Saint perfume

1) Yves Saint perfume costs $175 per ounce.

2) Made a sunflower jacket as a tribute to Van Gogh that cost $382,000.


Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani founded this brand in Italy in 1975. Although Armani’s line is aimed at the middle market, Armani’s level is very luxurious.


The price of Giorgio Armani

armani diamond necklace
Armani diamond necklace

1) Cate Blanchett wore Armani’s most expensive $250,000 gown.

2) Armani’s $15,000 diamond necklace was auctioned off to Christie.


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