Monday, July 15

Who Am I and Why am I here

Who am I? Nowadays, the most searched question on the internet. But, yes, this is not a rhetorical question anymore. You deserve a definite answer to this question Who am I?

Ok, first of all, you are not Spider-man. You are YOU! That will be the most simple yet complicated answer. Why complicated? by “YOU”, I mean, there is an “I” in you, which is called the “I consciousness“. This consciousness of self is You. You are not him, not her, not that, and of course, you are not a mere composition of hydrocarbon or just the neural network. There is some… Thing! You now get a glimpse of YOUR true Self. That’s what defines us as conscious beings.

If you were a chair or some air, the universe would be meaningless to you. There will be no time, no awareness of anything at all. So, the first door to the question “who am I” is- there is something extra in the body, which can feel, which can question itself. That “Extra” entity is not measurable by our known units nor can be defined in any comprehensible manner.


Now, Who Am I?

In essence, You are what you can feel for yourself. You are that “Things” which is “I” also. We all are one, and one is all. We are part of a bigger “I”. This “I” is not a thing we know of or can comprehend. This  “I” is something “to being”. It is an entity, otherwise, there would be no “You”. Without You, there will be just nothing to be defined, nothing to be being, just a supreme nothingness.

who am I

Why Am I here

Nothing happens without a purpose. The purpose may be, just maybe to be in existence. You exist, and that can be your sole purpose. You should not be the CEO of Twitter or the favorite mailman. Being Yourself is enough to fulfill the purpose of being something.

So, if you have that sort of thought- Who am I or Why am I here, you just think that, being yourself or existing in this universe can be the purpose.

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