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Cooking Steak : The secrets you didn’t know before

Cooking Steak : The secrets you didn’t know before

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Before cooking steak, You first need to know what are the different cuts of steak, which is better, how much fat and marbling will be there and what is your steak? Steak of any part of the cow, depending on how many names they have: T bone, rib eye, strip, tender line, skirt, flank. There can be so much discussion about the types. However, no matter which steak you have in your hand, you need to know where the flavor of the beautiful meat of the steak actually comes from. The light burnt hard crust while Cooking Steak is the source of the nice taste of the steak. This crust is made by searing the steak. The surface of the meat is compressed in a very short time at a high level so that the inner juice does not get stuck and a flavorful full crust is formed. Another technique for co...

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