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Film Review Fetih 1453 : তুর্কি ছবি ফাতিহ ১৪৫৩

Film Review Fetih 1453 : তুর্কি ছবি ফাতিহ ১৪৫৩

Fatih is a Turkish word. It means Winning the War. And 1453 is the name of the year, the war happened. The film has been making a lot of noise in the list of historical films. There has never been a film about the conquest of Istanbul (the Byzantine capital of Constantinople at the time) by the Turkish Sultan Mahmud II. And it is well known that a big-budget film with a heroic narrative will respond to the whole world. However, for the sake of 'cinematic', the original history has not been criticized. But the situation has been confused elsewhere.   It is heard that Turkey is feeling Ottoman imperialism again after this film was made. This film also shown in Turkish schools. However, the reasoning is slightly different. This age also has much to learn from the bravery and skill ...

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