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Friends Tv series jokes | Joey on the HOT seat

Friends Tv series jokes | Joey on the HOT seat

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Joey went to the Who Wants To Be a Millionaire contest and this was the first question for $100. Who was the US president before Bill Clinton? George H. W. Bush Ronald Regan Jimi Carter Barak Obama Joey: I knew there will a presidential question he he. Can I call have my call? Host: Ya sure? Joey: Hey buddy.. WhatsUp! You know I am in a hot seat! No, not that kinda hot. Its called hot seat, but.. ya ya no woman. But HOT! its 100 dollar hot. And, It will get hotter with every question... Ya ya I am fine.. What about you and Monica? Host: Time is running out Mr. Joey. Joey: (hold on) Ya ya.. me good. listen I gotta hang up now. I have a question to answer. Yes.. Ok see ya.. Host was astounded. Then he asked again. Joey: Ok, I understand the question. The...

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