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Gene Editing Easy Explanation with Examples

Gene Editing Easy Explanation with Examples

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Have you ever played a game of "Whac-A-Mole?" You know, the one where you use a mallet to hit moles that pop up randomly from different holes? Well, imagine that each of those moles represents a gene in your body. And let's say that you could use a special tool, like a tiny little hammer, to edit those genes and make them do what you want. Let's have a look at Gene Editing Easy Explanation For example, let's say you have a gene that makes you really love broccoli (because, let's face it, not everyone loves broccoli). But your friend has a gene that makes them hate broccoli. With gene editing, you could use your little hammer to "whac" the gene that makes your friend hate broccoli, and replace it with the gene that makes you love it. Voila! Your friend now loves broccoli too! ...

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