Thursday, April 25

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What is really the Korean TV series Hellbound about?

What is really the Korean TV series Hellbound about?

The new sensation among the Korean TV series is Hellbound. It is gaining tremendous attention and popularity now at Netflix. And, we tried to figure out what is Hellbound about. So, what is Hellbound about? Is there any religious connection? First of all, It is seems to be a futuristic dystopian sci-fi series, Then some of us started thinking really about religious stuff. But, later on, we can assume that this is something else. Especially, in the end, the resurrection scene has really had something to do with the mystical (or super-scientific?) creatures. Why are there three creatures? How do they choose the people to read the decree? Is it random? It is obvious that the chosen 'sinner' has no connection among them, and by the decree of a baby, we can surely say that this has not...

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