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Hematuria : Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cure

Hematuria : Symptoms, Diagnosis and Cure

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Common people are not at all familiar with the term hematuria. Blood comes with urine in this disease. This is an early sign of malignancy. After that, the patient's condition started to deteriorate rapidly. Cancer treatment can be very effective if detected at an early stage. Hematuria i.e. blood in the urine for the first time, initially the patient thinks he has a urinary tract infection aka UTI or kidney stones. Many try to get rid of the problem by taking antibiotics or other drugs in the initial treatment which turns out to be very dangerous. When the second bleeding occurs again, it is seen that the intensity of the disease has already increased a lot. Therefore, in these case, it is important to start treatment quickly without delay. Because if the cancer spreads a lot t...

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