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মানবদেহের বিস্ময়কর তথ্য! Human Body Interesting Facts

মানবদেহের বিস্ময়কর তথ্য! Human Body Interesting Facts

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Human body Interesting Facts The total length of DNA in our body is 575 billion kilometers. It is equal to the distance traveled from the earth to the sun more than 3662 times. And if the information contained in DNA were recorded, it would be equivalent to a giant encyclopedia of 900 volumes. Where the number of pages of each volume will be 500. The total number of cells in our body is 37.2 trillion (1 trillion = one lakh crore). There are 11 crore sensory receptors. There are 30 trillion red blood cells (RBC). The number of neurons in the brain alone is 10,000 billion. The total blood vessels in the body are 42 billion, which is 97000 km. long Think about it! A hand-long headphone gets tangled even if carefully placed. But your body is 97000 km. Blood vessels are never entan...

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