Monday, May 20

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Will there be Lost in Space 4? (Un)fortunately no! But why?

Will there be Lost in Space 4? (Un)fortunately no! But why?

Everything ends. Even the FRIENDS series. So, why Lost in Space also deserves its RIP moment. Everybody is in their right place and the chemistry is never been good before. The classic Robinson formula works just fine in this series. The family reunites and there are no more "who is contributing most' matter. Though we have gradually developed a soft corner for will, who is tremendously changed physically just within a season. We actually did not like some particular matter, scenes, and naming though. The Robot should be called at least by some name. After all, it is not so Robotic over the whole series. They called the character in such a tone, that sounds like- the Robinsons and others did not see a robot before. If you own a robot, just try to call it "Hey Robot", it certainly wil...

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