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Best Migraine home remedies you did not know

Best Migraine home remedies you did not know

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Migraine is nowadays a very common health issue. It is basically a neurological disease. It causes a strong headache and sometimes Nausea, sensitivity to light, vomiting, etc. Here are some migraine home remedies for you. There is no medicine that can permanently cure this disease but regular medication and a disciplined lifestyle can save us from frequent migraine attacks. Besides doctor prescribed medicine some Home remedies can also help to give some relief from migraine. Like- Migraine home remedies Cool it down: To decrease migraine pain the cooling down process is undoubtedly helpful. Putting some ice cubes or a cloth rinsed in cold water on the neck, forehead or scalp can remove the pain gradually. Experts aren’t sure yet why and how the process actually works but it ...

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