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What Priyanka Chopra said about Divorce

What Priyanka Chopra said about Divorce

Priyanka Chopra was gained much limelight late last year. Because the Bollywood star removed her husband's nickname 'Nick Jonas' from her name on Instagram and Twitter!   From then on the speculation started. Are Nick and Priyanka on the verge of divorce? Although Priyanka's mother has tried to put an end to that rumor in many ways. Then Priyanka herself closed everyone's mouth by writing about love under a picture of Nick. Meaning, they're still together. In a recent media interview, Priyanka opened herself about that.   She said that she had to endure the ordeal of becoming a star at that time. People's eyes are on her all the time. The controversy surrounding her removal of the surname seems to be a part of her professional life. But sometimes she breaks ...

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