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5 Extraordinary Travel Destinations in Norway

5 Extraordinary Travel Destinations in Norway

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From remote villages to glittering urban cities Norway is a country packed with countless places to visit. Norway is simply one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Norway is a Scandinavian country bordered by frozen tundra, conventional cities, majestic mountains, and spectacular islands of famous fjords. In Norway, you can travel in any season and enjoy different beauties. You can visit Whales in Tromso,  see Polar Bear and Walrus in Svalbard, or even try some of the country's top hiking, cycling and skiing destinations.   Let's get introduced to the extraordinary travel destinations in Norway   Sognefjord: An extraordinary travel destination in Norway King of Fjords or Sognefjord is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. It is located in Westland Count...

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