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5 Extraordinary Travel Destinations in Norway

From remote villages to glittering urban cities Norway is a country packed with countless places to visit. Norway is simply one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Norway is a Scandinavian country bordered by frozen tundra, conventional cities, majestic mountains, and spectacular islands of famous fjords.

In Norway, you can travel in any season and enjoy different beauties. You can visit Whales in Tromso,  see Polar Bear and Walrus in Svalbard, or even try some of the country’s top hiking, cycling and skiing destinations.


Let’s get introduced to the extraordinary travel destinations in Norway


Sognefjord: An extraordinary travel destination in Norway


King of Fjords or Sognefjord is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. It is located in Westland County in western Norway and extends to the foothills of Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen National Parks. Traveling to this destination will give you the opportunity to experience a real beauty that is nothing less than a beautiful landscape painting. With high mountain peaks, blue glacier ice, mighty waterfalls, beautiful farms, small villages, and everything else you will discover yourself in the world of fairy tales. So, if you have made up your mind to visit this fairyland there is some information you may need to know –



How to go to Sognefjord: It is more convenient to visit Sognefjord from Flåm, Bergen and Oslo. Air travel from Bergen and Oslo is the fastest way, but if you want to enjoy the amazing scenery along the way you can go by train or driving.


Where to stay in Sognefjord: There are various hotels, cabins, and guest houses in the villages on both the north and south sides of the fjord where you can stay safely on a budget.



Oslo: True Essence of Norway

oslo norway travel destination

Oslo, the capital of Norway is an amazing and arranged kind of city which we usually see in movies. Here you can experience world-class food, music and museums, forests, mountains, and a refreshing dip in restaurants. Here you can see the edge architecture by the exceptional harbor promenade, spend time in the impossibly beautiful and tidy parks, visit the museum to get an idea of ​​the history and heritage, shop at the best malls and taste the delicacies in cool Cafes.



How to go to Oslo: You can reach Oslo by air, train or bus.


Where to stay in Oslo: Oslo offers a variety of accommodation options. Cheap to expensive places like Sassy Suites and Designer Hotels.



Stavanger: A flavor of southwestern Norway

Stavanger travel norway

Stavanger is the third-largest city in Norway which is located in southwestern Norway. This place is enriched with Norway’s most iconic sights. The historic Stavanger Cathedral along with its endless natural beauty will surely impress you. The main attractions of Stavanger are the Museum of Archaeology, Lysefjord, Stavanger Museum, Flyhistorisk Museum Sola, Preikestolen, and many more incredible places. The most wooden house in Northern Europe is found in Stavanger. All in all, you will get a different feeling here.


How to go to Stavanger: If you have limited time, you can go by air.  Stavanger Airport is 20 minutes away from Norway’s main city. There is a shuttle service from the airport to the city. But if you want to go cheap, then you can choose the train. It is not only cheap but you will see many beautiful landscapes during the whole trip. The train journey from the city takes about 8 hours.


Where to stay in Stavanger: You will find many high to medium-range hotels here. Ydalir  Hotel, Thon Hotel Stavanger, and Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger are some of the popular hotels in Stavanger.



Alesund: Among the most popular destinations in Norway

Alesund norway
Alesund norway

Alesund is one of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations which is famous for its magnificent Art Nouveau architecture. This city is blessed with some picture-perfect Norwegian settings. It is surrounded by fjords and the Sunnmore Alps. Alesund is a combination of natural splendor and rich cultural heritage. Traveling to this destination will be your most authentic and memorable Scandinavian vacation ever.



How to go to Alesund: You can go by air from Alesund Airport, Vigra.

The railway station is at Andalsnes, from there you can catch a bus to Alesund. Trains are available as well. Alesund is a stop for many cruise lines so you can go there by boat also.


Where to stay in Alesund: Quality Hotel Waterfront Alesund, Hotel Brosundet, and Quality Hotel Alesund are all highly rated places to stay in Alesund.



Bodo: Magical experiences in Noway

Bodo Norway travel

The capital of Nordland, Bodo is able to give you the magical experience of travel. This city lies just north of the Arctic Circle and here the light constantly shifts with the wind and weather. The city is so close to the sea. People here are famous for their hospitality. Amazing street arts scattered around the city make the city more unique and aesthetic.



How to go to Bodo: You can go to Bodo by boat, plane, or train as per your budget and time.


Where to stay in Bodo: You will be able to find many luxurious cheap hotels in Bodo to make your travel safer and more special.

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