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Travel Old Dhaka | A city full of color and life

Travel Old Dhaka | A city full of color and life

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Old Dhaka is a bustling city full of life and color. It is a place that has been around for centuries, and its history and culture are evident in the many monuments and structures that can be found throughout the city. My journey to Old Dhaka began with a train ride from the capital. The train was crowded and the journey was long, but the scenery outside the window was beautiful. I could see the majestic Jamuna River, with its winding course and many tributaries, and the lush, green countryside that surrounded it. Once we arrived in Old Dhaka, the city felt like a different world. The streets were teeming with people, and the buildings were a mix of old and new. Everywhere I looked there were people going about their daily lives, and the smells of street food were tantalizing. ...

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