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Why is orange called ‘super food’?

Why is orange called ‘super food’?

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An excellent source of vitamin C, orange is called ‘super food.’ Why it is important to eat oranges regularly? Eat oranges to protect your body against seasonal diseases. Vitamin C in it enhances the body's immunity. In winter, the skin becomes rough and loses its natural radiance. If you want to restore the natural beauty of the skin, eat orange every day. Orange keeps skin bright and beautiful. Orange is an extremely low calorie food. It has no fat. If you want to lose weight, put orange in the diet list. Regular consumption of oranges reduces the risk of colon, lung, breast and skin cancers. Eating orange peel powder lowers cholesterol. Folate is available from the fruit. This is a very important factor in staying healthy. Orange is called the power house of nutri...

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