Saturday, September 23

Why is orange called ‘super food’?

Why orange eatAn excellent source of vitamin C, orange is called ‘super food.’ Why it is important to eat oranges regularly?

  • Eat oranges to protect your body against seasonal diseases. Vitamin C in it enhances the body’s immunity.
  • In winter, the skin becomes rough and loses its natural radiance. If you want to restore the natural beauty of the skin, eat orange every day. Orange keeps skin bright and beautiful.
  • Orange is an extremely low calorie food. It has no fat. If you want to lose weight, put orange in the diet list.
  • Regular consumption of oranges reduces the risk of colon, lung, breast and skin cancers.
  • Eating orange peel powder lowers cholesterol.
  • Folate is available from the fruit. This is a very important factor in staying healthy.
  • Orange is called the power house of nutrition. It is a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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