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Singapore Travel Destinations: the best spots in Singapore

Singapore Travel Destinations: the best spots in Singapore

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For travelers, Singapore does not mean a city of boredom or doing office work. Singapore travel destinations will amaze them with some in-genuine places.    Singapore Travel Destinations Kusu Island Kusu Island has a lot of myths surrounding it. The story mainly revolves around a tortoise, a Chinese, and a Malay man. People once believed that the tortoise transformed into an island to save those two. The men were shipwrecked. Today it is considered one of the best travel destinations in Singapore. Some tourists still visit the Kusu island to worship it. In 1923, the Da Bo Gong Temple was built and dedicated to the Chinese God of Prosperity. People often tie a yellow cloth to the tress of the temple, wishing to fulfill their wishes. A tortoise sanctuary also attracts tourists an...

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