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How to make a viral video | Viral video content idea

How to make a viral video | Viral video content idea

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Nowadays everybody is craving a unique idea. Because an idea literally can make you a millionaire. But it is not sound like a Harvard law degree or becoming a doctor of idealoctomy. It is not actually that sort of ‘hard-earned’ intellect. An Idea is like a spark in the mind, which formulate with some basic (or without) ground. So, here I can give you some hints about the thinking process, how to generate ideas for videos or.. videos.   Viral Video Idea clue 1: Don’t rush Do not go for the established and popular ideas. You will not be appreciated if you totally copy others’ ideas. So let's drop all the pre-existing mind-setup about creating something viral. First, create a list of the ideas, which you will not go to follow.   Which makes anything exceptional... or vi...

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