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Rituals of Hajj in brief

Here are the rituals of Hajj in brief. Here you can learn at a glance all the steps necessary for pilgrims.


types of Hajj :

1. Hajj-e-tamat : wearing ihram (a sacrad state which Muslims must enter in order to perform Hajj / Umrah) in different purpose for Umrah and Hajj and perform them together. this type is the best.

2. Hajj-e-ifrad : to wear ihram only to perform Hajj.

3. Hazz-e-keran : To perform Hazz and Umrah in the same ihram.



to take a bath to put perfume and after wearing iham to pray two Rakha namaj


to perform haj-e-tammat utter Labbaik allahumma Labbaik

to perform Kiran- utter Labbaik allahumma bil Hajj wal Umrah

to perform hajj-e-ifrad utter Labbaik allahumma Azeen


after entering the area of Kaba the first job is to tawaf ( encircle it) then parson to Rakha of prayer.


for hajj-e-tammat and Umra Sa’i is performed. For ifhad and Karen doing Sa’i afterworld is legitimate. then the performer of tammat should shave or trim hair and be halal from Ihram. performer of ifrad and Karen should also do the same except the performer of ifrad will not be Halal from Ihram. in 8 of zilHajj the performer of the tammat will wear ifran saying Labbaik allahumma ajin.

Towards the Meena

To Zahar of 8th to Faar of 9th of jilhaj must stay in Meena and say prayers in congregation.

Towards Arafah’

after the sunrise of 9th of zilHajj the pilgrims should start for arafah. and will pass the rest if the time is remembrance of Allah.

Towards Muzdalifah

then after sunset quietly start for muzdalifah and spend the night there.

Towards Meena

after the sunrise the pilgrims should start for Meena, for throwing stone to jamarat.


on 10th of zilHajj pilgrims must do their Qurbani and then shave or trim their hair. everything is Halal after that except consummating with wife

Towards the Mecca

the pilgrims should return to Mecca and do the tawaf and sa’i then go to Meena to stay there for 10th and 11th of zil Hajj and throw stone to the devil. afterwards everything will be Halal for him.

Farewell Tawaf

before departing from Mecca tawaf-ul-bida is a must. visiting navabi of Madina is Mustahab for the pilgrims.

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