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Windsor : A Royal Sojourn

Windsor offers breathtaking views and is the perfect place to unwind and relax in the lap of nature and history

London is a dream destination for every traveller. It is a world class city with several architectural sites dotting its landscape like the Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. It is a leading metropolis where people from all backgrounds and ethnicities converge, live and work. Central London is the beating heart of the city and continues to attract tourists from all over the world. However, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday, the outskirts of London have a plenty of choices for you.

A day in Windsor
A popular tourist spot, the Windsor Castle, located in the Berkshire County, is just a stone’s throw away from the Heathrow Airport and is easily accessible. This medieval castle houses the richly decorated State Apartments, St George’s Chapel and Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. This royal castle has received considerable favour from the British Royal Family and the wedding of the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is a testimony to the fact. Built by William, the Conqueror I, the Windsor Castle continues to be the weekend home of Queen Elizabeth II as she regularly conducts official ceremonies here. It also happens to be the largest and the oldest inhabited castle in the world. When visiting, try and plan in advance to watch the Change of Guards ceremony, an experience of a lifetime.

In the Lap of Nature
The Windsor Castle is surrounded by the majestic Windsor Great Park. Though the origin of the park is unclear, it was possibly used as a hunting ground by Saxon kings in the 1300s. A perfect place for rejuvenating, the park is frequented by the young and old alike for walks and picnics. Virginia Water Lake nearby is also a place of immense natural beauty. If you like idyllic settings, this is the place for you. You can spend the entire day here and recharge your tired nerves. If you want to spend your day at leisure after exploring the castle, carry a book with you and sit on the lush green grass or a traditional wooden bench and spend a pleasant afternoon with your loved ones during the famed English summer months.

Shopping Delights
The Shopping Arcade adjacent to the castle is worth visiting as well. It houses several posh restaurants and cafes where you can have a cup of traditional English tea with cookies. If you are a fan of the legendary William Shakespeare, head straight to Ye Olde King’s Head, the oldest Inn in Windsor’s Old Town where Shakespeare wrote The Merry Wives of Windsor. Alternatively, after taking a stroll at the Windsor Great Park, you can possibly visit a nearby restaurant and have the quintessential English fish and chips for a hearty lunch. Before you leave, buy a souvenir or memorabilia from the gift shops nearby to commemorate your journey to this beautiful place! Windsor offers plenty of options to everyone and a visit to this little English town is always a memorable experience.

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