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About BTS : Know everything in-short

About BTS : Know everything in-short

The full name of BTS is "Bangton Boys". It is a 7-member South Korean boy band. Which is currently captivating the world with their captivating K-pop music and mind-blowing dance moves. Those who are fans of BTS are called BTS Army. There are more than 40 million BTS armies in the world. Here you will get a short description about BTS. The boy band, which debuted in Seoul, South Korea in 2010, is mostly made up of teenagers and young people. In 2013, their first album, Too Cool for School, was released. The most interesting thing about them is their dancing and singing styles. Since then, BTS has won the hearts of fans with their catchy dances, costumes, and glamor and gained huge recognition through one hit song album after another. BTS has 7 members. Everyone is a very talented and...

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