Wednesday, September 27

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It’s a Big Turning Point for Me: Amanda Seyfried

Cover Story, Entertainment, Glamour
Amanda Seyfried has scored her first Oscar nomination, for her role in David Fincher's Mank. Seyfried engaged with The Hollywood Reporter after receiving the news that the film led the pack this year with the most nominations, including best picture. Did you watch the nominations as they were announced? I didn't. I was like, "I'll just wait until my publicist calls me." But [I decided I wanted to] let my mom tell me something for a change. It's always been my mom and me, like my whole career. So I'm gonna let her tell me the good news or bad news — the good or not-as-good news, which is really what it is. And so, I didn't put my ringer on and I was like, "If I fall asleep. Great. Then she can wake me up with it." And she did! She woke me up with the news. Where were yo...

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