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Ed Sheeran accused of stealing music : Ed Sheeran Copycat

Ed Sheeran accused of stealing music : Ed Sheeran Copycat

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Ed Sheeran is a popular name among the present generation. Millions of listeners around the world are fascinated by his songs. However, recently the singer has been accused of stealing song ideas without giving credit. Such information has been reported by the British media quoting the BBC. He has been accused of copying the popular song 'Shape of You' released in 2016. Sami Chokri aka Sami Switch and Ross O'Donogui have claimed that the hood part of Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' was taken from their song 'Oh Why' released in 2015. The plaintiff's lawyer, Andrew Sutcliffe, questioned the singer in the London High Court. Want to know about the whole process of writing and creating his songs. However, Shiran has denied the allegation. He said with confidence that he had heard the song...

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