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FRIENDS Quiz : How well you know Friends?

FRIENDS Quiz : How well you know Friends?

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It's been 20, 25.. no wait... maybe 21 years since the end of the universe's most famous show FRIENDS. But still, I want to ask you one thing.. How ya doing! If you are good enough at watching the FRIENDS TV series then, you probably will not be in a non-mood situation to answer these FRIENDS Quiz questions? I will try to remember to put the answers at the end, If not, then just Google it. So, here are the FRIENDS Quiz questions  to be Bamboozled What is the middle name of Chandler Bing? Burial Gabrier Muriel Fruriel   Joey does not share...? Girl Food Toys Underwear   It's not just clean, it's...... clean. Rachel Monica Joey Chandler Super   What is the name of the last restaurant, where Monica worked? ...

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