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The kingdom of traditional jewelry : Bhakurta

The kingdom of traditional jewelry : Bhakurta

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Women and jewelry are an inseparable bond. The word ornament is a little heavier and the word that sounds more on everyone's face is "jewelry". For thousands of years, these traditional jewelry and women seem to have complemented each other. There is no end to the metaphors in the poems and songs about the form of women. And to enhance the beauty of women, there is no pair of jewelry. Today I have brought such a jewel village Bhakurta for you.   How to go I will tell you in advance how to go, because as much as I think about this journey. Those who have their own car have no idea. But for those who have to come on public transport, it is important to know the travel conditions. There is not much trouble in traveling. By car or bus, as soon as you cross Aminbazar from Gabtali in D...

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