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Which Business will not be affected by Covid-19 ?


The world is in stalemate. No one has seen such serious situation since Second World War. Covid-19 surely reshaped the world economy. Many of us are affected (or will going to suffer) by the consequences. Losing jobs, collapsing stock market are common phenomenon. Some of you may be considering doing something different and hoping that the new job or business will not be affected by covid-19 or another outbreak.


Business will not be affected by covid-19


Food Business

If there are people, there must be food. So, think something which is related to food. It may be a little grocery store or delivering fish to doorstep. You may also consider living in countryside and start poultry. Nothing will make you happier than doing something close to nature and earning from it as well. If you want to be a farmer, you have to learn few things first. There are plenty of farming tips on Youtube and other websites. Apps will also help a lot. I can assure you that Food business will not be affected by covid-19 or any other pandemic like that as long as there are human beings on earth.


Medical representative or distributor

This is also a pandemic proof job. Medicine is as much important as food in any situation. You just have to smart enough to enroll yourself into this sector. This job doesn’t require higher degree in medical field. You don’t have to be a doctor just to sell medicine or for marketing.


Online tutorial

If you are confident enough to being a great presenter and have some great knowledge in a particular subject, you can teach students while they are in lockdown. Get yourself prepared if you are enthusiastic about to start an online lesson channel. There are plenty already. So, you have to find a unique niche


Internet services

Everyone now is online, and surely they are paying their monthly internet bills. So, any job or business related to this field will have much less impact of any kind of pandemic. There are some more economical ups and downs are waiting, but surely, Internet providing business will not be affected by covid-19 in near future.


Government Jobs

Depends on which country you are living but if you have enough time to prepare yourself, then go for it. Government job will cover you with an invisible safety net.



If you are not a PhD holder or not really considering yourself to acting in Hollywood movies, then think something like packaging or labeling business. Designers are little hit by covid-19 pandemic, but there is still a lot of work of packaging. It doesn’t require a huge capital but still it can generate a large income.


Avoid these

The businesses or jobs which got the worst hit by covid-19 includes hotels, uber, bars, restaurants, luxury goods, fashion, travel and tour operators, transportation etc. I am not saying that, the necessity of these will be vanished or diminished drastically, but investing in these sectors in the time of a pandemic will bring a great peril. Just look around you and make a list of business and jobs which are still in large operation, and you will get a glimpse.


Backyard Gardening

If you do not have enough space, then go for others. Offer other to help create a garden in return of crops or money. Think of it is a trade, and certainly this business will not be affected by Covid-19. Make a list of your neighbors’ who has empty arable land on their backyard and who has no intension of gardening. You will get yourself really busy and also can generate a handsome amount by selling those organic crops at local market.


New way of life : make groups, be useful

Covid-19 also reshaped our thinking also. A large portion of us now considering living a different life than the previous one. We now are more aware and confining ourselves in living a simpler life. We are now searching for an alternative. We are now searching for Business will not be affected by Covid-19 in google. Thus, thinking an overall new way of generating earning is not a utopian thought. We should live like a herd like as our ancestors. We have to look for each other. We can make small groups of families and live like a flock. Some of us will take care of planting trees and vegetables, some of us will take care of the housing and plumbing. In that way, we will be more happy, secured and we will get little tension of earning. Agriculture must be given top priority in such cases. Just look after each other and gradually you will definitely not get any tension about job or businesses. Living in a large group will not make you jobless. There will be always something to do.

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