Thursday, February 2

Tips for students : are you afraid of school?

Many of the students are afraid to go to school for various reasons. It’s almost like a phobia for some of them. It may also have a relation with aegarophobia aka social phobia.

The main reason is that, school has so many people and you can have a lots of attention easily. That’s what creates fear and anxiety. But you must attend the classes, don’t you? Here are some tips for the students who feel a strong inner fear of abhorrence to school.

Tips for students

1. Make lots of friends as soon as possible. It will loosen your anxiety of giving presentations or attending events. Even, if you have enough friends in school, you have no reason to be ashamed after having punishment.2

2. Ask teachers question often. Make it as a regular practice. Teachers will not get mad at you . This practice will also work as grease at student-teacher relationship. Eventually you will start like your school just as your home or playground.

3. Give the homework top priority. It will remove unnecessary tension about attending classes and you will not feel not going school today.

4. Do something special you are good at. If you can play guitar, then compose a new piece of music and decide to share it with your peers. Such extra curricular activities will encourage your Subconscious mind to attend school everyday.

5. Be the initiator of great events. If you willingly take the responsibly of arranging a cultural function at schools, suddenly you will feel like a grown up and school will become more of a idea-generating ground.

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