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I ate too much oily and fatty food, what to do?

ate too much oily and fatty food
ate too much oily and fatty food

There is also a solution for those who eat a little too much cholesterol outside of prescription. Let’s see what experts are giving tips:


Lukewarm water

Whenever you feel like you have swallowed a little too much oil-fat food, start drinking lukewarm water 30-35 minutes after eating. According to experts, lukewarm water helps digest food faster. It also breaks down the harmful elements and removes them from the body. Researchers have always suggested drinking light hot water.


Lemon water

If you feel short of breath after eating more oil and fat, then lemon water may be ideal. There is no pair to remove the oily components of food from the body.


Little Walk

There is no substitute for walking to reduce cholesterol. So whenever you think ‘Today is a little too much’, hurry up and walk for twenty minutes. It will also increase the efficiency of the stomach.



If you eat a lot of food that puts pressure on the body, there is nothing wrong with eating probiotic foods like yogurt. On the contrary, it will upset our stomach and digestive system. In this case, eating yogurt 20 minutes after eating a heavy meal will be more beneficial.



It is better to eat fruit after eating. But it should be at least an hour later. This will benefit the digestive process as well as eliminate the problem of constipation.


Next meal

One day you may eat a bit more, then the next meal should be maintained properly. In this case, put soup or easily digestible food on the plate.


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