Wednesday, September 28

5 ways to keep food fresh for a long time

keep food fresh for a long timeFood can be stored for a long time in some simple ways. Here are five ways to find out today.

Biscuits, puffed rice have to be stored for a long time. But the problem is that these dried foods soften quickly and do not have a crunchy feeling. So put a little sugar or some piece of paper in the container or jar in which you will store these dried foods. Pieces of paper should be thick and dry. Biscuits and similar foods will be crispy.

Melting salt is a very annoying problem. To avoid this problem, you can put a small sack of rice in a container of salt. The sack should be quite small. In any thin cotton cloth, take a little bit of rice, cover the mouth and, put it in a pot of salt. It will keep the salt fresh for a longtime, because the rice absorbs moisture quickly.

If garlic is left for a long time, it starts to rot. However, if you make a hole in a packet and fill it with garlic and stick the mouth of the packet, garlic will be good for a long time.

If turmeric-chilli powder is kept for a long time, the grains will be thicker. To avoid this problem, mix a little salt in the container of turmeric and chilli. The powder will stay clean for a long time. Again, mix a little bit mustard oil in the lentil to remove the granulation.


If you leave the lemon in the fridge, after a while you can see that the lemon is dry, even if you chip it, the juice does not come out. So wrap the lemon in paper and store it in the fridge in a polybag.

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