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Sharp pain on the left chest, Is it heart attack symptom or something else?

heart attack symptomMany people say their left side of the chest sometimes hurts, after taking a short walk and breathe. Is it due to heart attack? Or is there some other reason?




Causes of pain on the left-chest


Here are four common causes of left chest pain:


  1. Accumulation of fat in the blood vessels or IHD.


  1. Having a heart attack.


  1. Panic attack.


  1. Problems with gastritis or acidity.




How to understand ischemic heart disease


What we usually mean by heart disease is ischemic heart disease. In this disease, blood circulation is obstructed due to the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels of the heart. This results in pain. The disease usually does not occur before the age of 40 and, most people who have it have high blood pressure. So if someone is over the age of 40 and has chest pains and high blood pressure, then heart disease should be kept in mind.


In this case, chest pain starts when you do heavy work for a while or walk or climb stairs. The person gasped. It is also difficult to breathe. The pain can go to the left arm and neck. The body may get tired. After a while, this pain will go away. This can happen one or two days in a row.


Again, playing too much time is a sharp pain. This is because of doing heavy work or walking immediately after eating. Then the heart needs more blood circulation. However, those who have ischemic heart disease have less blood circulation. This also causes pain.




Things to do


You need to see a cardiologist. ECG, echocardiogram, the amount of fat in the blood should be tested. If the blood pressure is high, you need to take medicine to control it and, also take medicine to reduce the pressure on the heart. Cholesterol-lowering medications and blood circulation medications may also be required. These drugs cannot be stopped without the advice of a doctor. In addition, fatty foods, salt, smoking, alcohol, etc. should be avoided.




Chest pain due to heart attack

Heart attacks are not usually seen under the age of 40. However, there are many exceptions now. People who have a heart attack usually already have high blood pressure or vascular ischemic heart disease. It is known from the history of most heart attack patients that they did not take blood pressure medication on or the day before the heart attack. This can also cause a heart attack.


There are many people who do not know that they have high blood pressure or heart disease before they go to the doctor. So many people say, in the morning I saw a healthy man suddenly turned around and died!




How to understand the pain of a heart attack


The pain starts with pressure on the left side of the chest after taking a heavy meal or a laborous journey or after a walk or heavy work or after shouting at someone with excitement or when there is more distress. The pain will continue to increase gradually. The pain will spread to the abdomen, back, left arm, and neck. In the intensity of the pain, the patient will sit or lie down on his chest instead of standing. Sweat will appear on the forehead.


There will be nausea or vomiting. The pain will not subside. Rather, it will continue to grow. Usually, with ischemic heart disease, the pain subsides when the patient is reclining on something in the back. However, in the case of a heart attack, the intensity of pain will increase. If you have a severe heart attack, the patient may die if you do not get treatment at the right time.



Things to do When Heart Attack Symptom is clear


If you understand that you are having a heart attack, you should immediately take 4 aspirin (75 mg) tablets, 4 clopidogrel (75 mg) nitroglycerin tablets, and atorvastatin tablets mixed with water or chewed by the patient as an emergency treatment and take them to the hospital immediately.




Chest pain due to panic attack

Usually, people under the age of 40 have more panic attacks. In this case, the patient may not have had a record of high blood pressure or excess cholesterol before. They are afraid of extreme misery or anything. That can be the fear of exams, the fear of life. These are the ones who get panic attacks.

This will suddenly start chest pain. It will feel like the chest is tearing. It will be difficult to breathe. The patient will say or feel that he is going to die after a while. That means the fear of death will work more in him. Hands and feet may also tremble. In this case, if you do ECG, the normal report will come.




Things to do

Talk to the patient and reassure him that he will recover. Since it is basically psychological, it is necessary to show a psychiatrist later.



Chest pain due to gastritis or acidity

In this case, the pain will not be on the left side of the chest but on the upperside and surface. There will be a burning sensation in the pain. The pain will increase after eating. Eating will also feel like an obstacle. May cause nausea too.

Usually, irregular eating and eating more salty or oily foods can increase gastritis and chest pain.

Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is a disease that can cause heartburn. Some people may feel severe pain in both their abdomen and back. There will be nausea and vomiting. Gastritis pain can occur at any age.



Things to do


Chest pain caused by gastritis is usually reduced by taking antacid syrup. In these cases, it is necessary to seek the help of a doctor. Because many times ulcers are also the cause of it The treatment is different.



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