Monday, March 4

10 Fun Facts about Metro Rail

Here are some 10 Fun Facts about Metro Rail

1. The first ever metro rail system was opened in London in 1863, making it the world’s oldest.

2. The world’s longest metro system is the Shanghai Metro, which has 617 miles (991 km) of track.

3. The world’s busiest metro system is the Tokyo Metro, which carries over 8 million people each day.

4. The world’s most expensive metro system is the Singapore MRT, which cost $18 billion to construct.

5. There are currently 189 cities around the world with metro systems.

6. The world’s deepest metro station is the Park Pobedy station in Moscow, which is 285 feet (87 m) below ground.

7. London’s first underground railway, the Metropolitan Line, was nicknamed the “Murderers’ Line” due to the high number of fatalities during its construction.

8. The world’s longest single metro line is the Changchun-Lushun Line in China, which is 632 miles (1,017 km) long.

9. The world’s first driver-less metro system is the Vancouver SkyTrain.

10. The world’s first underground metro was the London Underground, which opened in 1863.

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