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5 prominent shopping malls in Singapore

Hello shopping lovers. Does even anyone exist who doesn’t love shopping? Whatever shopping is like the most peaceful work for some people. And this article is for those people. If you are intending to go to Singapore and doing shopping then this article is gonna be very helpful for you. I am here to share my experiences of shopping in Singapore by giving you a list of the five most prominent shopping malls in Singapore. I am gonna describe where you should go, what you should avoid, how much cost you would need to bear and other helpful information from my perspective.


Comparatively, Singapore has the most high-end shopping malls in Asia. Though it is a tiny island still internationally the country is known as Shopping Mecca because of its huge shopping options. Every year immense tourists come here and maximum of them come only with the intention of shopping. So, let’s get to know about the best shopping malls around Singapore with their product and price review.


Five prominent Shopping malls in Singapore



ION ORCHARD shopping malls in Singapore

This is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Singapore situated in Orchard Road with a very beautiful architectural pattern. This is probably the most glamorous shopping complex. Amazing tiles, walls, fashionable branded stores, even the toilets are also eye-catching. Here you will find the brands like Armani Exchange, Gucci, Zara, Calvin Klein, and other popular brands. The mall is occupied with nearly 335 food and retail outlets. If you want to shop here you will find authentic products of different brands. Some of them are highly expensive and some are affordable. You can also do window shopping. If you want to use the parking space then you need to pay $2-4$ per hour. If you want to have some food then you may need to spend $5-$50 approximately.



The Paragon shopping malls in Singapore

The mall has both high-end and middle ranged brands and that’s why the shopping mall is very popular among the other lucrative shopping malls in Singapore. Here you will find the most expensive brand along with the cheapest brands. The mall has something for everyone. If you have a high budget you may go to the first floor there you will see the brands like Balenciaga, Burberry, Emporio Armani, Givenchy, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Loewe, and Miu Miu. If you have a low budget then go to the second or third floor there you will find your desired products within your budget. The best thing about this mall is their hospitably. They will provide you a free drink if you spend at least $500 and if you spent $1000 you will get a free limousine ride. If you have your child with you but you want to spend your time without having the worry of parental duties then you can leave your children in the child care section and you may need to pay $9 for this. Here parking charge starts from $2.90 and increases every hour. You can install their mobile app which is really very helpful during shopping time.



NGEE ANN CITY shopping malls in Singapore

This is one of the oldest shopping malls in Singapore. The mall is located at  391A Orchard Rd, Singapore. This is a very big and vintage shopping mall with a mix of renowned brands including Chanel, Céline, Burberry, Cristian Dior, Zara, Kate Spade, and Mango, etc. There are some food courts also including famous food chains. If you are a book worm then believe me on the fourth floor of this mall you will find your heaven the largest book store in Singapore. This shopping mall is mostly known for its huge amount of Japanese stores and restaurants and they will give you a genuine Japanese feel. If you want middle ranged shopping then go to basement -1. You will find the luxurious brands on levels 1,2 and 3. Here You may need to spend $2-4$ as parking cost. And food and other shopping cost depend on the brands you choose.



MANDARIN GALLERY shopping malls in Singapore

If you have a high-end budget and if you want luxurious shopping then you can choose MANDARIN GALLERY. Shopping malls in Singapore are usually full of luxurious brands. Here you will find the most expensive fashion brands. The mall is located at 333A orchard rd, Singapore. The mall contains a very beautiful and exclusive interior. Here parking charge starts from $3. Levels 1 and 2 are occupied with high-end branded stores and if you want to get salon services you need to go to the third floor. If you have a medium or low budget and a  few time it is better not to go there but if you have huge time then you can go there at least for window shopping. Products might not be affordable but you can have the foods there which is a little bit reasonable.


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Vivocity shopping malls in Singapore

If you have a middle ranged budget then this is one of the finest choices in shopping malls in Singapore city. Vivocity is the best option for you. There you will find almost everything within your budget. You will find unlimited retail stores of middle ranged brands. If you love cinema then definitely this is the best place you will ever visit. The mall is home to the biggest Multiplex Cinema hall named Golden Village in Singapore. Here you need to pay $2-$3 as parking cost. The restaurant inside the mall is really well decorated and hygienic. Foods are also tasty and you can have them at a reasonable price. Here the top floor is full of entertainment options. If you have your children with you then take them to the top floor it will give really an enjoyable experience to them and you also.

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