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5 Interesting uses of the Apple Watch

uses of Apple watchTechnology is making our life easier day by day. Technology has recently introduced us to a new device called a smartwatch. Smartwatch is a smartphone-like device worn on the wrist. It can provide us with almost every service a smartphone can provide like tracking our activity, answering texts or calls, giving us the latest updates, etc. Apple watch is considered the best smartwatch. It is a line of smartwatches produced by Apple Inc. The first-generation Apple Watch was released in 2015, and like other Apple devices, it got a huge response. Apple has developed its smartwatches with more cool features compared to other brands. Let’s get introduced to some of those interesting uses of Apple watch.


Five interesting uses of the Apple watch

1. Can be customized for left-handers – Most of the smartwatches are made for right-handers but Apple bought a special facility for left-handers also. Apple watches can be customized for the left-hander. Those left-handed who wear watches in their right hand can easily change the orientation of their Apple watch and can use them with no difficulties.

uses of Apple watch

2. Cover to mute – It is really cool that you can easily mute your device by just covering it with your hand. It is a great feature that the Apple smartwatch provides. Once you enable the cover to the mute option of your Apple watch you can put your device on the silent mode by covering it up for 3 seconds. It is really helpful when you are attending a meeting and the loud sound of the notification may disturb you.


3. Eject mode – The best thing about Apple watches is that they are waterproof. The feature stars from the series – 2. The interesting thing is it comes with a special mode called eject mode. If your watch falls into the water you can tap the water droplet icon and then you will see that the residual water droplets are coming out of your Apple Watch.


4. Falsely postpone the time – This is a feature for those people who can never maintain punctuality in their life and are always late for everything. Apple watches falsely postpone the time it shows in up to 59 minutes. That means the watch will show the time 59 minutes after the real-time! The postponed time will only show up for them so that they can maintain their time easily.


5. Walkie-talkie feature – We all know what walkie-talkie is and how it works. Apple has brought the same feature in their smartwatches. Walkie-Talkie is a fun way for two Apple Watch wearers to communicate between themselves.

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